11,772 - this is the top amount of page views I've had in 1 single day. I have no idea at all since normally it's less than 100. Also I don't know why as no one single post has more than 592 page views. At that time there was only around 2,200 posts as well, so what the actual hell I don't know.

At this point in time there are 2032 posts on the blog. See I tried to clean up all the dead link posts and there is no doing it - I got 4 pages in and quit. There was links to a video site that no longer exists. That in it's self is a LOL after asking the person if it will be around for many years to come - guess not.

As well there are a bunch of link posts that may have had broken links and so on. So ya know - I tried but I literally don't have a long enough life span to look at thousands of posts one at a time to see if there is a broken link or video embed on it. So they stay broken...


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