So I went and got Butt Paper even though I did not need it. Now I will be good next month as well, and perhaps the moth after that too. Here I have 20 single rolls (they where a disappointment - more like 1/2 rolls), 40 double rolls (3 deep 2 high), and 6 triple rolls. It really should last me a while.

The only time I had more I had both shelves packed to the rafters and it lasted me almost 5 months. I'm kind of heavy on T.P. after all. I do need more Tissues soon though - maybe in 2 months I'll get a bundle of them. I tend to get a 6 pack of tissue at a time and a 6 pack of Paper Towel at a time. I won't need paper towel for ages as I still have lots - that and I have a pile of napkins I can use up as paper towel.

In any event I'm set for 2 months for paper products at the minimum.


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