So I been watching Carnival on Crave TV (streaming service in Canada) and I have to say DANG I like this show. It seems to have only lasted 2 seasons and I think there is 12 episodes per season. I am on #7 of season 1 right now. It just keeps getting better and stranger. I like this kind of stuff. Unfortunately, most of the time people don't. This is why I always get a kick when an out there strange show gets popular, the same people saying "it's too strange" will like the popular one LOL.

BTW I'm liking Crave a lot. The shows are NOT new and there are no originals, but what they have I'm loving. My watch list is so long, I literally won't live long enough to finish it. Not to mention all the good bond movies are on there. That's right, I said GOOD ones LOL.


  1. I'm interested lol. What's it even about? I was watching Black Mirror which is like...I don't even know how to describe it. It's strange too xD I have never seen a Bond movie at all lol but I heard they were thinking about casting Idris Elba as the new Bond.

    1. Hard to describe . One guy can do musicals and us good the other can do kiricals and is bad. The preacher is the bad guy.

    2. Imagine that: a bad preacher lol. What is a kirical? I'm going to have to see if I can find it online somewhere


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