So was doing the washing last night and had an attack of whatever this is again.

I first get a headache, then my neck hurts, then my shoulders, then my back, then my chest. This is typical of my Fibromyalgia flairs. But with it I am also getting dizzy as hell and a very upset tummy.

I've told the doctor about this and he did a couple of tests are ruled out it being my brain or my spine. That is where he stopped caring. After all suffering terrible bouts like this is not something a doctor in my aria seems to care about.

Yes if I had an option of switching to a doctor who would actually try and get to the bottom of this I would in a heart beat, but that is how it goes in a small city. See the Saskatchewan government as asked doctors to lower costs and this is the result - less tests and just allowing you to suffer.

I actually went to the point of hitting the floor last night. I grayed out - I did not pass out all the way, but fell down and went splat on the floor. I am just glad I did not cause myself a head injury in the process.

I don't know if this is just my Fibro expanding to have some extra facets or not. I am hoping it's not something worse causing me to flair when it acts up. I will be mentioning it to my heart doctor when I see him next month this is a certainty.

As soon as the wash was in and I was sitting down I started to feel it. It got slowly worse until I tried to fold my stuff then splat I went. I'm feeling the same thing right now just to a far less extent.

I'm also getting cold as hell when it's actually hot in here. I may ask to have hormone levels tested to see if I'm not up to snuff - it would be the simple explanation. I don't actually see my GP for 5 more months and I'm sure he will be pissy if I make an appointment just for this - sigh.

After all he was the same doctor who got mad at me for asking to be referred to home care for my infected wound as I could not care for it properly at home. Home care is a misnomer as you go to them most of the time and in fact I did go to them. But it was needed.

It's amazing in a land that is supposed to be taking care of it's people you have to argue and fight with a doctor to get proper medical treatment.

I have to say if I hit the floor one more time I'm going to go in and get pissy right back at him if he does not seem to give a shit. I honestly think he has a problem with us poor people on disability or welfare recipients. I have heard all kinds of other people say how good he is and I have nothing to prove he is even adequate.

Then again we have an ER that tells you "it's the flu" and sends you home when you have a strangulated hernia and there is a possibility of it killing you. So what the hell can I expect in this city?

I've had several other doctors over the years and I can say with a certainty that only one of them was a great doctor and only he treated me with respect and was not all bent on ignoring what I have to say. All the others just passed off what I told them and ignored me.

I'm rather certain I'll be ignored to death just like Mom was. They kept telling her "it's a lung infection, take this and go home" - well it was lung cancer and by the time they figured it out it was far too late and she was stage 4. So this is the health system I have to deal with in Moose Jaw it seems.

God I've talked to so many friends and they have the same thing to say, "they ignore what I tell them". Sigh. I guess this is the price of tax payer funded medicine.


  1. Like our old phone system in the 60s run by Bell telephone.
    They were the only game in town so if they treated you like crap
    you just had to take it.
    Not like you go somewhere else for phone service.

  2. Unfortunately unless you are rich or important they don't explore sickness further than their basic textbook. the price of free health care

    1. This is exactly it, if you are not rich you don't matter.


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