Coffee is the drink of the Gods. I love this stuff. Right now I'm sucking on a cup of Full City Dark Roast. I drink 12 to 16 cups a day. Most of the time 12. I've even thought about getting a stove top Espresso maker so I can make Red Eyes at home. That's regular coffee with a shot or 2 of Espresso in it.

Being coffee makes your brain work longer, I have to think if I never drank any my brain would be mush by now. Hell I know people my age who never drank any in their life and they are a bit slower to get up to seed that my coffee drinking friends - so maybe its true.

In any event, I don't do it like most. I start drinking it around noon and finish around 6 PM. I have been a night owl since I was 10 years old. My body does NOT want to keep normal hours so this works best for me. If I don't drink coffee, I still end up staying up till 3 am most nights.

The stuff seems to be good for headaches as well. I get cluster headaches often and in the time of day I am drinking coffee all the time, they seem to be a lot less painful than before I drink coffee or in the middle of the night. As well, drinking some after it starts seems to calm down the headaches somehow. I'm told the same by several friends - so I kind of wonder if there was ever a study about this.

In any event, time to finish my last mug of coffee and hit Facebook for a while. Have a good one.


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