I don't know when it happened, but we have become a very unhappy and angry society. I know that with bad economic times there is always tension, but it's been a lot worse and people did not act like they do no on mass.

Before my late 40's people tended to just agree to disagree on things. Now they can't do that. The literally are unable to accept the idea that someone does not have the same opinion as them. Instead they think the person needs to be hounded or silenced for thinking different.

I disagree with a lot of my close friends on many things and we are still friends. The difference is we can get past that as wee the other person as a person. Today most people can't do that. Instead they only see a disagreement and that is more than they can handle.

The emotional maturity to move past a disagreement seems to be lost. I'm not saying we don't have to cut people out of our lives now and then, I'm saying that we can allow people to think different and still see them as a person and move on with our lives.

We are in a state of being where most people think the ability to be happy comes from the outside and this is not correct, it comes from the inside. We can not be happy by buying things or having the latest version or following a trend. These are fleeting things.

People don't seem to understand that to be happy, you must find it inside yourself and express it.

The other thing is, we don't seem to tolerate any kind of difference anymore. People only see a difference and not a person. The look at someone from a different religion and think they are evil and are trying to harm us. The see someone from a different land and think they are criminals trying to destroy our culture and use our social programs. The see the disabled and people between jobs are parasites that are gobbling up tax dollars. They are not human to them.

I don't know when things changed, but one day I realized that almost no one can stand anything not in their own little bubble. I've seen families ripped apart by a minor disagreement. I've seen people lose their minds over things that they should not even give a second though.

Sadly I've had to let people go from my life because they became malicious over a minor detail. I understand that their anger is not caused by my but by the fundamental unhappy nature of their lives. But I can not allow them to keep trying to hurt me over and over with their words. I always try to calm the situation and it never helps. Thus I have to let them go.

When did we become like this? when did people start thinking that if they think it's wrong it must be attacked? Worst of all people now will ignore a mountain of evidence and claim they are right no matter what these days. I don't understand this as I will say when I'm wrong. I want to learn from my mistakes instead of yelling in peoples faces that I'm right.

All I know is society is not going to be in a good place if this keeps up. It's slowly getting worse and sooner or later there will be conflict in a physical sense. There have already been people killed and hurt over stupid things. Yes this has always been the case, but it's going on in record numbers now.

Hate and anger and ignorance seem to be the norm to me. I pray this will end sooner or later before there is a disaster caused by out lack of understanding and lack of will to communicate.


  1. Pressure, constant Pressure crisis after crisis and people eventually break and take it out on other people, people who are right there, their friends, you cant do that, you cant say that, you cant be serious, dont you dare joke about this, yup the world have turned cynical and it only took a few because Misery demands company. but thats just my opinion.

  2. The news media loves it and encourages more of it. :(


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