24 Hour Vlog Challenge Topic List (May Change)

1. Introduction to the challenge.
2. YouTube or Facebook and why? (Brian)
3. Whiskey or Bourbon? (Brian)
4. Chips or Crackers or popcorn? (Brian)
5. TV Shows or Movies if you had to choose? (Brian)
6. Cake or Pie? (Brian)
7. Who is cuter Pusheen, Stormy or Pip? (Brian)
8. Desktop or Laptop? (Brian)
9. Tactile products are scams.
10. Baby products and toy advertising (Re directed marketing).
11. How do you think humanity will go extinct?
12. Do you think there is an afterlife?
13. What one thing would you change in your past if you could?
14. Dog or cat and why?
15. Do you want to live forever as a human?
16. Star Trek, Doctor who or Babylon 5?
17. TOS, Next Generation, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise or Discovery?
18. First junk food you remember eating? (modified from Brian)
19. Why I don't like doctors in Moose Jaw.
20. Why I don't like the ER in Moose Jaw.
21. Why do you like to vlog?
22. What is more enjoyable, blogging or vlogging?
23. Friends or Family, which is better?
24. How does it feel to have been up for 24 hours and post 24 videos?


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