This is on the door of the generator room. It will run a limited amount of lights in my building in the halls and the elevators for up many hours. We had the power out for 12 hours one day and it kept them going the entire time. Personally I have night lights in my place that will stay lit for 5 hours after the power goes out. They can also be used as a flashlight if you want but that drains the power twice as fast. They are called Blackout Buddies and I got them on Amazon for not much at all (2 pack).
A patch of rocks with 2 trees on it behind the generator shed. I have no idea what is in the white shed. The lawn care people come with a mower in a trailer and so on. I've also never seen it opened. The lawns are watered with sprinklers that are in the ground. In the background you see a condo type building, although I don't think they are worth the price - I've been in one.


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