So this is what I use for pain. It's all I use. I have mentioned it several times I'm sure.

Anyway I have in the over 2 years I been taking this stuff not had to ramp up the dose and it has kept working so far. This is amazing to me as most things literally stop working for me after a short time.

Narcotics are terrible for you and my body gets used to them very fast so they are not good for day to day use - well would not want to anyway as I'm sure that ain't to good for you - so these are a welcome addition to my pills in the morning.

I have had a couple of friends tell me the exact same product just suddenly stopped working for them. I am expecting one of these days it will do the same for me and I'll be screwed. But until then I'm going to keep taking them.

I tend to get 3 to 6 months of them at a time. Last time I got 6 months of them as they where only $7 a bottle - normally $10 a bottle up here in Canada.

Cannabis sativa seeds are what this is made of but the plants are bread to have almost no THC in them at all. As well there tends to be almost no THC (0.001%) or CBD in seeds - that is found in the flower and the leaves. In Canada it's not legal to use the leaves or flowers of the plant as of yet for extracts.

In any event, when and if this stops working I won't really be able to afford anything else like actual CBD oil. So I'll just be happy until then.

BTW it about cuts in half the day to day pain and the flairs are reduced by half as well. I've had some bad flairs this last while and the tightness in my muscles is the same as if I had level 10 pain in the past and they where only a 5 or 6. The worst I have had since I been on the product is a 7 and that was once.

If it ever does stop you can be sure I'll mention it here and on my vlogs. I get it on Amazon but you can get it on eBay as well or direct from the manufacturer and in some stores.


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