Blinded By The Sun And Still No A.C. Installed Oh And Messy Windows I Need To Clean (Is This Title Long Enough?)

Well here I sit trying to do some work in PaintShop Pro and what happens? The sun finally comes out from behind the clouds just in time to hit me in the eyes and blind the monitor. LOL. This would not be remarkable if it has not happened literally every single cloudy day since I got here. If it does not happen, it's only when I am doing something like cleaning or cooking. If I want to watch TV or play on the computer - poof sunlight LOL. On sunny days it's even more bright and hard to see of course.

You might notice the windows are kind of smeared up. Well when I get paid I need to get a spray bottle and some white vinegar. There seems to have been a smoker in this place before me and the windows are totaled. I have washed them 3 times and it is still all messed up like that. It looks grey in the photos but it's kind of a light blue colour, thus me knowing it's from smoking. I was very familiar with this when I lived with Mom and it was my turn to clean the windows.

Make note that the little window for the A.C. unit still has NO A.C. unit in it. The thing is sitting in the closet still in the box. This is literally 3 weeks today since I was told "they will be here today or tomorrow". Sigh. If you have not one clue when they will be here, don't tell me this. See I have been home all day every day since you told me this and well... No people showing up to put in my A.C.

See they have in the vast majority of them already, but mine is new and NOT on this special mount you need to have it stay in the strange windows we have. So here I sit and wait for them to show up and mount the new unit on one of these special mounts and put it in my window.

I have called the office twice now and they have no idea when the hell it is or even if it will happen. Both times I was asked if I filled in the form to get it done. Well yes I did and handed it in. Still I wait, all day every day. Now on Tuesday I took off in the afternoon to go for coffee and you can bet your ass they showed up and now I'm back the the back of the list.

Next time I see the fix-it guy around I will ask him to look into it for me. But then again he has a bad memory I think. Oh well. At least maybe if he calls they will show up sooner. Me calling does literally nothing it seems. I know there is more than one building to look after and all, but wow - 3 weeks? This is just not acceptable. Even my online friends are getting annoyed at them.


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