Facebook App Broken Again?

Yup yet ANOTHER update and now this is happening at random throughout the day. Mostly just after I close the app. Man just once EVER I would like this over complicated and over featured bloat ware app to work right. Do we really need all these fancy things with it? I liked it best when it and the messenger where all in the same app and there was no fancy crap with it. It was faster, smaller and worked a hell of a lot better. V122. I think the app actually rolled out in 2012 if I can remember correct. That is like 5 years. Even if the app was out in 2004 when the site launched what the hell is with all these versions in this time and it literally updates every week. But 90% of my friends live in my phone on this app, so I use it every day. Oh well, it's freaking free as they say. Well no it's not, you have to be exposed to a bunch of ads that may or many not be safe to click.


  1. Totally agree. It's another reason why I don't like Facebook


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