It Moved, I Know It Did. (Parasomnias)

This is Pusheen the cat. It's a stuffed toy based on the web cartoon Pusheen the cat. Anyways this is the little one I have by my bed and my favourite one. I call her the kitten.

She sits on the night stand near the wall. Now and then I will wake up and she will be facing the other way and not at me or even on top of my phone.

Now I don't for a moment think that she is moving on her own. So that leaves the fact that I must be interacting with her in the middle of the night or something. I get up to go to the bathroom every night. After all I'm 50 and there is NO way I am sleeping threw without going to pee. Besides I have meds that will make me do it if I want to or not...

So what I am figuring is I will do something with her while I am still in that half awake half asleep state and not remember doing it. If I can remember there is a name for this but I am literally too lazy to google it. Parasomnias... There I looked it up.

I have never rearranged the furniture or cleaned the place or cooked or had a sandwich. But I have played with the kitten many times. It's strange that it would literally be the only thing I do in my sleep beside go and pee.

I really would not like to wake up in the common aria of the building naked with people looking at me wondering what the hell is wrong with me. So... I'm kind of glad it only entails me playing with a stuffed toy.


  1. when I was a kid I was awful, sleep walking even peeing on my moms record player in my sleep, so for years I tied my leg to the bed with a scarf, in the beginning I found myself falling when I tried to get up in my sleep. anyways now it is talking in my sleep, thank GOD I talk danish so my wife dont understand a lick.

    1. LOL Dang there is a vlog story. My brother sleep walking HAHAHA. I'll save it for a vlog.

    2. I am looking forward to that lol

    3. If I remember - that won't be for 2 hours after all LOL.


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