Saskatchewan 911 Rant

So when you call 911 in Saskatchewan, you get put threw to the operator as normal. The thing is, all the time is wasted. You have to give them your location, and information on what is wrong and why you need emergency services.

Then you get put threw to the cops or an ambulance or the fire department and once again need to give them the same information you just gave the 911 operator. What was the actual point of giving any information to the operator then? They do NOT seem to pass it on to the service you require.

Say I am having a heart attack and am moments from losing my ability to talk. By the time I get threw to the ambulance I may be actually out cold or worse. This is a situation where very second counts. If I have to repeat myself, this is wasting a lot of my time.

You might think it's not much time at all, but it can be the difference between life and death or between having or not having brain damage. I would very much dislike being even more disabled than I am now because the information I just gave someone was NOT passed on to the ambulance company.

In a normal situation, they send the information and all you get after that is the dispatcher saying they are on the way. This is how it should be. But it seems to not work that way in Saskatchewan, at least not in Moose Jaw.

It literally makes me wonder why the heck we even have it if all they do is waste some of my time then pass me on to someone who asks the same questions. It's not hard to have the number for the services in speed dial on your phone for example - so...

The other thing is, you literally don't seem to be able to call the ambulance here other than threw 911. This is nothing but a time waster where I'm standing. This needs to be improved I think.


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