No Credit Card For You LOL

HAHAHAHA What do you know the credit card I applied for I did not get because I don't have an account in their bank HAHAHA. Maybe now Airmils will fuck off with sending me emails saying I can get 600 airmiles for getting one. But I doubt it.

Se here is the deal, if I actually would have got the thing I would have cut it up and tossed it out. No way in hell I'm using a credit card that applies %12 interest the moment you make a purchase. I don't care how many extra airmiles I would get with it. It's literally not worth it. Not to mention it goes up to 19.99% after 30 days. But I have never seen one apply interest before the 30 days before. That is nuts.

Also I would not go with the bank in question for 3x the interest rate of my bank. See I am social minded. My bank does a LOT more for the community with the money than other banks do. When I say a lot more I mean a LOT. Most of the profits are reinvested back into the community. Me being all left of center and all, I like this a lot.

I can and have NOT gotten one at my bank. Why? I don't want the ability to get myself in debt more than I make in a year in one month. That's why. I do have a global payment card and the thing won't work if there is not enough money in my account. This I like. It's screw up proof. If I try to get something from Amazon and I have $0.10 less in the bank than it will cast, the transaction fails and I don't get the item.

Some banks will let you go into an overdraft and have to pay a large fee with their global payment cards. This is another reason I like my bank. BTW I have never had this happen as I make DANG sure that there is more than enough money in the bank to pay for it when I order things.

I might be kind of foolish in spending but I don't get in debt. Then again it would literally take me 5 years to save for a new TV so how much could I possibly put aside?


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