Special Parking I guess

First off this is an old photo. I may have even mentioned this in a blog before, but I thought it would be nice to say something now that it's in my mind.

First off there is no parking or stopping in this side of the street during school hours. But emergency vehicles can park where ever they want in Saskatchewan. They have an exemption from bylaws and so on. So it's perfectly OK in that respect for this truck to be parked there.

the thing I don't like is that it's a safety issue. There is no parking or stopping on this side of the street in front of schools for a reason. That is so that the kids will be more visible. The fact that there are kids at this school with hearing impairments makes it more essential for them NOT to be parked there.

So this comes down to the fact that someone just wanted to save a few steps and used their privilege to do so. It's kind of interesting to me that this is literally the same person who will give you a ticket for a fire code violation because it's not safe, yet there he is parked where it's not safe to park.


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