When Friends Are Better Than Family

Out of the blue a nice friend from Facebook sent me some cool stuff. There was an art card with her fave painting on it and a greeting card. Then there was a T-Shirt with a nice logo on the back and a smaller version of it on the front. Not to mention some shells and beach glass (from a fire being on the sand).

This really made my day. I put the glass and shells in a container that has more stuff sent to me in it. Every now and then I will open it and say to myself "this was from... and smile". Of course after I am dead and someone is going threw it all they will be thinking "what use was all this" as none of it has value other than it's from someone.

It's nice to have friends who care. After all no one in the family seems to actually care that I am alive. Trust me against my better judgment I actually sent them mail (an real letter on real paper) and a contact card. No one cared. But I tried.

I knew 17 years go it was pointless so think the family would care. The moment I went on disability they acted like I was not even in the room with them. They have since done the same thing to others that went on disability. Not to mention how little they think of people who are Gay and me being in the news paper with that pride flag and all...

But I have good friends who have my back and will stay up late to talk to me on messenger or the phone. It's really great to know them.


  1. When people go through my stuff they will find a postcard with a picture of a church, they will think WTF? it is one of my most priced posession as it is a memory from a school trip I took in the 10th grade to Holland, memories attach themselves to the oddest things.


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