Comments Shit Out By Spamtards

This is a perfect example of spamtards that use bots to post comments on your profile and the inability for YouTube to actually notice the spam.

These two "music channels" comment as you see in the screen cap on a video a good friend posted. Well she is talking in this video about how much pain she is in and how it is crushing her ability to even get out of bed.

So what do they say about this tragic event? "great video" and "Nice stuff". Sigh...

The fact that I have literally seen these two spamtards post the exact same comments on literally 70 videos in the last 2 months makes me wonder how good YouTube is at telling what actually is spam.

So I have HAD to tag all my regular commenters as "always approve comments" because they where forever being marked as spam by the rather defective bots that Google uses to spot spam. BUT these dolts are allowed to post literally millions of identical comments day after day after day and are never marked as spam by the bots. Sigh. That works.

Here is the kicker there was a fellow a while back who would comment that he was there. Yes it's kind of a spam thing to do BUT he literally (count how many times I use this word in a blog) got booted off of YouTube for it. Yet these people here that more than likely have payed to be "promoted" by YouTube are still in the game posting on almost every video I encounter.

Oh and YES you can actually PAY to come up higher in the search results on YouTube or Google search. The more you pay the higher you get in the search. This is the business of marketing your content. After all - it can in some cases cause you to make far more money than you paid YouTube in the first place.

Ever seen a kid in school that would give things to other kids to hang out with them? It's kind of the same idea. It also seems to make you immune to being punted off of YouTube for spamming the shit out of people.

The sad thing is, people will not even NOTICE it's spam and some will subscribe to spammers because they see their user name a lot in comments and think they are a valued member of the community. Sigh. Oh well... This is how life is these days on the net.


  1. lol me too had to set always approve, especially Chuck always get trapped in Possible SPAM if I dont white list him.

    1. Best thing is my comments page says I have 1 item in the spam box and 1 in the review box. Well I have NO filters on so the review box is not possible and the spam box is empty. YUP YT works well...


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