First Christmas And Other Memories

I obviously do not remember this day. But I do remember rooster on wheels. I played with it for years. In fact if memory serves me, it died when I was 7 and was finally put to rest...

The bear I do NOT remember. It was blue and white with a dark blue bow according to what Mom told me one day as we went thew photos. It's name was Beau...

I have not one clue what doll my brother is holding as well. This was 1967.

See the lamp? Mom had that till she went in the care home. It's from the 1950's. I rewired it may years ago and put a new socket in it. Other then that, it was the same as it was there for decades. Well it had a new shade now and then, but it was the same for the most part.

I do however remember some strange stuff about this house. I was 8 when we moved out to a place we lived for 15 years. Anyways, see them things that look like pipes by the lamp? Well the 2 long ones are steam heating pipes, but the 3 short ones are the door bell. It had a 3 tone chime to it instead of the 2 tone chime we had every other place we lived.

There was also a porch on the front and back of the house. The front one was very small though. The back one went the width of the house. The stairs to go into the basement where in the back porch. Dad had a work bench all the way down the one wall in the basement. This was ironic as he was about the worst person on earth at fixing stuff.

I only have one thing from when I was a kid and that is a dice cup that came with some long lost game. All the rest of the toys ended up donated to charity or tossed out. If it broke it was tossed, if I did not play with it for 3 months it was donated. The 12 inch G.I. Joe alone would be worth having right now. But that's life.

Not shown here was a little black and white special needs dog named Corky. That dang dog was dumb as paint and unable to learn anything. He also had pin like teeth that made us bleed when we played rough with him. We often played rough with him. Strange thing is, if I got hurt any other way I would end up screaming for Mom to fix it...

I also remember this white stone finish open top washer with a ringer on it. It had to be cranked. I also remember Mom hated the thing and pinched her fingers a few times that I remember. Close went on the line to dry in the back yard or in the basement on a strange looking thing that kind of looked like a tree.

Anyway, just thought I would share some memories.


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