So I Done Applied For A Credit Card

Literally just for the hell of it that is. I don't bank with BMO so I am sure to not get the thing. They tend to only like people who bank with them I'm told.

The thing is, I don't actually want the thing. I just want to see what they say. I noticed in the ads that I KEEP getting from Airmiles say they will respond in 60 seconds after you apply.

It's bullshit in a way and true in another. They try to make it seem that the process is instant and in a minute you will know. Well the reply is as you see in the screen cap. That being that they will let you know in 10 to 15 banking days.

Ha. I was absolutely certain I would not know right away that is for sure. The other thing is, I have a good credit rating and have a "payment card" from my bank. I also met the criteria to get an actual credit card - did not want to go there though. Not my kind of thing. If I don't have the money in the bank I'm not spending on something.

They try at BMO to sugar the pot by telling you there is no annual fees. The ticket is though, you get instant interest applied on the money you spend. That is to say, even if you pay it off in the 30 days you still pay interest. You just pay a LOT more interest if you go over the 30 days.

This being said I am sure the next computer I buy will be on credit - sigh. But that is the way it will have to be as I don't have the ability to save it seems. That and they don't allow you to have much savings when you are on disability in Saskatchewan - Sigh...

When I do have to go for a new system it will be taken out of the bank right away at the start of the month. That is if I even get another one. After all I do seem to be able to do anything I want on my smart phone now. I can edit video and do custom thumbnails and so on. So I might just skip it.

Any how - I will let you know what happens. Oh and if I get the dang thing, it's $60 worth of airmiles money in my account for doing it. The it goes in a desk drawer forever...


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