Blood on the Coffee Cup...

Sitting here the other day and playing with Bryce 7.1 Pro and noticed this red stuff on the coffee cup. Then I realize it's freaking blood. Then I realize it's on my shirt as well.

Well I had a crack from hell in my top lip over to the right side. Never even noticed it. This is not the first time I ended up bleeding and had no idea it was happening.

There is a thing on my leg right by my butt cheek called a blood cyst. Well as you might think, they fill with blood then explode one day. They (fortunately for my bedding) only seem to pop when I'm sitting on the toilet. I'll get up and there will be a fare amount of the red stuff all over the right side of the seat. This will normally happen the next couple of times I sit on it as well.

Then there was one day there was blood running down the drain in the shower. I'm like WTF? I really never did find where the hell it came from. My guess is it was my diverticulitis acting up and it ran out my butt. See I got these pockets in my innards and now and then they bleed. This would have been the only time it came out when I was NOT taking a poop.

Oh then one day I went from the bed to the kitchen to get some water. Well I turned to go back and a drop of blood on the floor. Another in the hall. Strange it never dripped on the carpet... But the bed looked like I had been stabbed with a knitting needle or something. I must have spent 20 min. looking for where the hell it came from - never found the source.

I won't even go into how many times I wake up with a large bruise on me some place (or several of them) and have no idea what the hell...


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