How To Fix Windows 10 Missing Start Menu Tiles

It's not a fix in the classic sense as you can't fix it for good, but it brings them back for you. Hold down "Ctrl" and "Shift" and tap "Esc". This brings up the Task Manager. Down near the bottom of the list is "Windows Explorer". Select it and then click "Restart". The tiles should then return. No need to have to remember what the hell went where and replace them. This silly bug has been around threw ever incarnation of Windows 10. Kind of wonder why they never fixed it. But my freaking desktop don't blink any more, so maybe 20 or 50 more complete retools and it will work right.

BTW this also seems to fix the strange and baffling bug where you can't put an icon in a certain spot on the desktop. I got not one clue why this happens but it seems to at least once a week for me. You drop the file or folder in the spot and it jumps to the right to the next slot. Kind of wonder what the shit. It must think there is something there, but there never is.


  1. These bugs are all because Microsoft wont allow the same people to work on any software for more than a few years, they are afraid they steal secrets lol


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