Does this Pusheen Plush make me look gay?

Does this Pusheen Plush make me look gay?

I can't really explain it, but I have a big "thing" for Pusheen the cat. I have 6 stuffies of her (different kinds) and a Stormy plush as well. In fact my favourite thing on earth is my small Pusheen plush. I call it the kitten (her mamma being the large one on my fridge).

It's literally an obsession. If I had more money they would soon fill my apartment. But thanks to fate, I have little money to spare on toys.

BTW I also have the 2 colouring books and the picture book (I am Pusheen The Cat). I don't miss a single web cartoon either.

Did I mention that 40% of the profiles I follow on Instagram have the work Pusheen in them?

I talk to them, I pet them, I carry them around the apartment, I pose them for photos and pretend they are having coffee with me. Did I mention I'm a 50 year old man? I am also not mentally disabled - so there is really no excuse here. That is, other than I enjoy the shit out of them.

See I am disabled and spend over 90% of my time in my apartment. Watching Netflix and YouTube can only take me so far and some times I just need some quality escape from reality. That is when I break out the Pusheens.

Anyways, if you have something out of the norm you do like this - let me know in the comment box.


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