My Top 10 TV Theme Songs

10 Tom Wells - WKRP in Cincinnati (1978)
9 John Sebastian - Welcome Back Kotter (1975)
8 The Mash - M.A.S.H. {Suicide is Painless} (1972)
7 Ian Freebairn-Smith - Magnum, P.I. (1980)
6 Quincy Jones - Sanford and Son (1972)
5 Mike Post - The Rockford Files (1974)
4 Gary Portnoy - Cheers (1982)
3 The Daniel Caine Orchestra - Hill Street Blues (1981)
2 Bob James - Angela (Theme From 'Taxi') (1978)
1 The Daniel Caine Orchestra - Barney Miller (1974)


  1. What about the A Team and Hill Street Blues

    1. Hill Street Blues is #3 LOL. The A Team just did not make it for me. Also took some looking to see who the hell did MASH - I read the band that did the song for the movie formed kind of on the spot. Still got no idea who did the TV theme as it's instrumental and not singing.


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