Well I'm Broke On The 5th...

Ok then, it's the 5th of May and I have $9 I can spend. Sigh. Yes it's been an expensive two months. Thing is I also had a lot of fun this last week - thus the great deal of weight gain I packed on as well.

I was counting on getting a check from the feds for about $144 by now and it's still not here. It might be sent out today as the 5th is normally when they send money out, but I really have no idea where it is and what the delay is about. It's been 3 or 4 weeks since I sent in the form they wanted me to send in. So I have not one clue where the heck it is right now.

The good news is, I am not all together stupid... I have the rent paid, I have money set aside for my subscriptions and for the $35 they charge to put in and take out the A.C. Unit every year. As well, I have food for the rest of the month and a bit past that. On the 11th, 12th and 13th the Co-op is handing out the Equity checks. I really have no idea how much money that will be - but it should be at least $70. So that will be fun money for the rest of the money. A friend will be driving me on the 11th to get it.

If the $144 does not show up next week I will phone them and see what the hell is going on. It's an unexpected death benefit from when Mom died. I had no idea it was there and I got a letter saying I needed to fill in a form to get it. So I did.

I'm putting this last week of being reckless down to "fuck it we need to have fun some times". In any event have a good one and keep smiling :) Oh and as always if you want to steel the graphics or photos I post in my blogs, go ahead and do it.


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