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01. First Steps: First film I remember seeing as a kid.
Bambi (1942)
02. Teenage Crush: Which actor/actress did you have a crush on?
Burt Reynolds (in the 1970s)
03. Bad choices good outcome: Name a movie you watched and enjoyed even though you thought you'd hate it.
The Green Mile (1999)
04. A little intimate: What movie did you see on a first date?
The Amityville Horror (1979)
05. Home Comforts: What movie reminds you of time with your family?
The Bandit (1977)
06. First heartbreak: What movie really upset you or hit you more than you thought?
Bambi (1942)
07. Leaving Home: What movie was the first you watched without your family?
Apocalypse Now (1970)
08. Good times: What movie do you watch the most and why?
Phantasm (1979) I have why no idea. I just love this movie
09. Learn a new language: What is your favourite non-English film?
The Red Balloon (1956)
10. Can't leave the sofa: What series on TV got you hooked?
Doctor Who (1963-?) Old and New ones.
11. Sick Day: What movie do you watch if you don't feel well or to cheer you up?
The Help (2011)
12. Looking to the future: What movies are you looking forward to seeing?
The only one I am looking forward to is Blade Runner 2049 (2017)
13. Living in the past: What old movie would you like to see remade?

Citizen Kane (1941) I think it would lend itself to modern times very well.
14. End of the road: What 3 films do you think you will always enjoy watching?
THX1138 (1971), Mad Max (1979) and Nosferatu (1922)


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