Fake News? How About Fake Ads?

Well ya know. There is no price and I have to guess what the hell this actually is - But I'll click it and order some, just because there is a time limit on it. Did I mention I have been seeing this and several others like it all week and they ALL expire 10:00 PM Tomorrow... It's been saying that for 4 days now. Not to mention the genius of posting a B/W photo and saying there are 3 secy colors. Honestly by the look of it, it's a charging cord just like in the dollar store. I also bet it's going to be like $6 or more and then there is some absurd amount of shipping you don't notice till the last moment in hopes of catching the people who quick click threw ordering stuff. Yup sadly I know several people who have done just that multiple times and wondered why the charge on their PayPal or credit card is 3X the price of the item. Not to mention do I really want to dive some unheard of site my credit card info? Come to think of it, I keep seeing the same batch of identical ads with different company names stamped on them. This can't be good. I just love that Facebook keeps trying to tell us how to spot fake news then allows these things to be all over your wall.


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