And Where Did This Come From?

I have this bag I used to carry around with me all the time. In it is some first aid stuff and a few tech toys like my charging unit and so on. But I went looking for an 8GB jump drive and this was in with it. I have no memory of ever buying this. Being that it would have been at least 2 years ago, this thing must have been expensive. They are none too cheep at the moment either. But this will do fine LOL. I dumped a load of videos on it to watch on the TV. Will be porting it to the Blu-ray player and watching threw it. It seems to give slightly better quality than the Android Box and plays a lot more things. It's $60.90 right now on Amazon so I am wondering how much I paid for the thing. And why did I NOT get the neon pink one? HAHA. Interesting enough you can get a 128 for $7 more than the 64... got to say it's fast enough dumping files to it. I did however change the format on it from Fat32 to NTFS so that I could put very large files on it. This is the big failing people that give these things 1 star have. They don't realize that Fat32 will NOT support a very large video file and they can reformat them. On a side note my 16gb one has Windows 10 install on it just in case. That one HAS to be Fat32 for what ever reason...


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