YouTube Bots Are Stupid (Spam Part II)

OK clicked the notification bell and saw this. My mouth dropped open and my brain said "what the actual fuck"?

CM Connolly is the person who POSTED the video in the first place. So how the fuck is HIS reply to me spam? How does this actually work? I mean really YouTube tell me how the fuck these bots of yours work...

So for months we been getting hit with spam comment after spam comment by the same 2 Spamtards and nothing happens to them. Literally every 3rd video I have clicked on in 4 months they BOTH have spammed it. Sigh. Not to mention the ENDLESS virus spam crap that has been posted by profile after profile created by some bot to try and get you to click a short link. This crap tells you they made a video about you. Best thing is, people click the LINK on the spammers profile. Sigh - would the video NOT be on their page? Think people.

Endlessly I see people post "Nice video" and don't get marked as spam. I see people posting LINKS in the comments and don't get marked as spam. Yet if you DON'T use a bot to hit 25,000 videos a day with spam - you get marked as spam... Sigh... So tell me, how the HELL does this bit of code of yours work YouTube?


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