Target Marketing Strikes Again HAHAHA

This is just for the ad. Once again target marketing strikes. LOL. I'm a 50 year old man with no desire to play dress-up the with some anime character. I have never gone to a page with anything like that or even searched for one. Yet there it is. HA. Maybe it thinks I am an 8 year old girl or something. HA. Also has about nothing to do with the video or channel it's from. This is like when Instagram ONLY gave me My Little Pony ads for a month. LOL. Or like the mass amount of Mercedes ads I seem to get all over the place. Google AI my ass HAHAHA. To give it credit it does advertise whisky I like to buy now and then - got not one clue how it knows that though as I have not even mentioned it online other than in a photo. Oh yes... Lets not forget the endless amount of high heal ladies shoes it tries to sell me. HAHA.


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