And I Don't Care What Your Homo Hating Ass Thinks...

Why? Because the moment I let someone who literally can not comprehend the book they base their life on make the rules is the day I would vote from some moron to lead my country. Oh wait, that happened in the USA not Canada - My bad...

Then again, how can you get past the mentality of people who think that disabled people and those with Cancer will be spontaneously cured if they confess the "hidden sin that is hurting them"?

I literally know someone personally who goes threw this abuse every week in the church she decided to go to. How can you reconcile being in a place that tells you over and over again that if you stop sinning and start believing in God more, then you will all the sudden be healed of a disability you where born with.

Here is the VAST flaw in this thinking... She was BORN this way. So you are telling me that God caused her to be straddled with this disability because he knew in the future she would commit some horrible sin.

Oh lets not forget HITLER and so dang many people like them who where never stricken with disability or life changing illness. Sure Hitler had some sickness in his life, but you mean to tell me - God forgave him and cured that shit?

I mean I know people who have gone to their grave never being sicker than having a cold and not even having had joint pain in their life. Yet these self same people abused their family members violently OFTEN for most of their life before they got the hell away from him.

Oh wait, I get it... He was a tool from GOD to punish them for all the sin they had in their lives. I guess I was totally wrong about this after all. I should just drop to my knees and start to pray right now. Oh wait, I'm not fucking stupid and I know how much pain that would cause me. Being disabled (or a sinner) and all.

OK off my soap box... Go about your day and forget you ever read this. After all it might turn your brain inside out trying to see the logic in this shit.


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