Of Churches And Open WiFi

The Church across the parking lot from my building seems to have a lot of stuff you normally associate with renovations piled up at the back. This is from when they fixed the rain gutters - it's a tin snip for cutting the tin used in the gutters. It's also toast now since it's been up there for months.

I've not actually seen any activity, just more stuff collecting at the back. Then again I don't go to that church and can't see the entry way from where I am - they could be going in and out all day for what I can tell. I just never have seen people at the back where all the stuff is since they left these snips there. It's too late now they are rusted as hell - but if I had seen them leave them there I would have said something.

They have a completely open WiFi in the church as well as one you log into. I kind of wonder about leaving on a public WiFi in a church 24/7. After all someone can sit in the parking lot and hot spot - then start downloading all manner of stuff you are not allowed to download. Guess who the RCMP show up for if it gets noticed?

I know they are NOT LGBTQ2+ friendly at all so not like I am going over there. If I was to go to a Christian Church it would be St. Andrew's United on the side of me (to the south). They actually give space to the Moose Jaw Pride people in the building.

But I'm not actually a church goer... Just kind of a pray for people as needed kind of guy.


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