The Interwebs Are Recording Everything

Tell me all the  more popular sights on the net are not connected some how. Every time I use the term "cloud" in regards to storage, this ad shows up on Facebook minutes later.

I just posted a blog that said something about backing up to the cloud and went to Facebook, hit refresh and there it was again. Yuppers they is all keeping track of us...

Got to love though how many people on the net go on about "I don't let them track me". Well you post on ANY social media site and even if it's set to you only it gets recorded - SOOO...

Here is the other ticket, nothing is ever gone. NOTHING. You delete a pile of posts from your Facebook or a bunch of videos from YouTube and they are actually still on the servers, you just don't see them any more.

In the case of YouTube you might never see them again, but in a strange bug a few years ago a bunch of people not only had all their private videos set to public, a bunch of deleted ones showed back up in their list. As for Facebook - delete something then go look at your log - it's still there...


  1. Google may not be showing ads on Blogger but I bet they are collecting data to sell to other places like FB

    1. I'm sure they are. I'm also sure Redit and Pintrest sell your trends as well to marketing companies...


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