Lifetime View Count Dropped On YouTube

6 months ago I looked and it was at 520,000 or so. So it's DROPPED 110,000 views in 6 months LOL. How does this happen? HAHAHA. OMG this is why I'm glad I don't care to make money off of YouTube - they keep changing shit and pissing off the ones who want to make a fortune off of it.

Not to mention the strange fact that it seems to be vanishing comments yet again. I'm not talking about the bizarre difference between actual comments and the count, I'm talking about they vanish.

I've had people say they commented and I can't find it. I've had notifications that someone replied to me and there is NO reply when I click the link. LOL. That works.

Then there is the fact that not ALL of my subscribers even see my videos in their feed. I mostly follow people who post every day and now and then they won't show in my feed. I will go to their page and there will be a video NOT in my feed. So no wonder views are down across the board. Not to mention comments being way down.

For that matter, I have NO comment filters set and now and then one will be in the to approve box - this should never happen. As well people I have marked as "always approve" go to the spam box now and then.

Seems the more complicated and fancy they try to make YouTube the less it works. I won't even start with the strangness of one channel not doing something that another channel I have can do... That is just over the top silly...

Anyways - keep an eye on your stats to see if you are getting screwed over... Oh and I lost 22 subscribers over night in the last sweep. LOL.


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