Instagram, Snapchat And Death Messages

This one is just to say, when did Instagram become Snapchat?

I mean these are cool to play with and all, but you know...

I was on Snapchat for I think 3 days. I did not see the point of it. I mean, unless people check it every day they would miss your post as it vanishes.

Then again freakin' Facebook is doing the same thing now as well. Seems a lot of services are. I'm just waiting for YouTube to have this kind of thing for a video - up for a day then POOF gone. Or at least be able to set the self destruct date.

Speaking of YouTube I keep a video set on schedule for 6 months down the road. Every month I change the date. Just in case I drop dead then 6 months later the I'm Dead message gets posted just to traumatize my friends. I'm kidding, but I'm sure someone thought of actually doing this.

For a short time (before they failed) you where able to buy a device that checked to see if you are alive. If not it shared a message on your social media 2 hours later that you had died. Now I thought of this idea then found out someone tried to sell these things already - so much for my get rich plans...

Can you imagine? The freaking thing breaks and does not know you are still alive. 2 hours later as you sleep your death message is posted. Then the next day people are pissed at you for this post... Yup I see a big problem here.

Personally I just want to keep the friends wondering what happened to me until they google "David Nicholson Obituary Moose Jaw" - and find out I'm dead. It's better that way I think - as they already think I'm dead and the shock is not there as it's expected...

I have joked that I want my friend to post a photo of my dead body on Facebook if he is the one that finds me. But that is just a joke - I'm not that sick and neither is he. Best thing is (with out googling to see), I bet someone has done this.

Anywho - I'm off to get another coffee... MMM coffee...


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