And Why I'm Broke Already

And my thermometer is toast. It just does this when I turn it on. I figured the battery would go before it blew up but here it is blown up... Oh well, it's going to have to wait for next month as I just can't afford to get a new one right at this moment.

Too many expenses this month. I needed shoes and a couple pare of pants. So now I don't got no money... Well OK I also ordered something that I don't really need - a coffee grinder. BUT that aside would have only left me with $40 anyway... So... I need a new charging cord soon so I ordered a 3 pack of them - that is a LONG one as the short ones I have are no good for when I'm in bed and want to use the phone as it charges.

To top it off to $35 I also ordered a pack of pens for $0.99. This gave me enough to not pay the shipping so I will actually have $5 and some in the bank after the money gets transferred out. And no I don't need money - I have everything I need, as in more food that I need for the month and all the bills are payed. And well, new shoes on my feet :)

So It's all good, just can't go out for coffee and so on. That's OK - I have cable TV and Netflix to play with. So it's all good as I said...


  1. So, you are going to cook slowly, but, your phone will be charged, fresh ground coffee in your cup and plenty of pens to write with as to chronicle the whole ordeal.


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