Racists Kind Of Suck But In A Bad Way AKA Nazi Drag Queen

Yup this is a joke and all but ya know - if you set it to public then anyone can see it. It can also be called a threat. I don't know the laws in the USA but up here in Canada someone would soon be showing up at the door with a warrant to arrest the person.

Sadly I found this to be funny. It stands against all I stand for as a lover of peace. Yet there it was a literal LOL situation.

I also enjoy the hell out of extremely violent and graphic movies. The more blood the better. Yet if I happen to see real blood and gore on the news I will start to cry for the victims.

Then again I can separate reality and the fantasy and some can't.

Personally I would like to see these groups labeled as terrorist organizations and ban them form the public eye. They want to go chase a pig naked on some rednecks farm, let them - but NO public contact while in your little outfits. All symbols and slogans associated with them as well banned from the public under threat of jail time.

There will never be an end to these morons as they will be indoctrinated from birth to hate. It is rare that one of them steps out of the family line of generational violent minded moronacy, so to think it will ever end is silly.

As long as there are people there will be hate. Even if we eliminated all of them we knew of threw some terrible roundup - there would still be more in the shadows.

See an idea is very hard to destroy once it gets into the world. You can get them off all the normal sites and forms of social media and even make it a crime for them to post there. They would still find ways on members only sites and the dark web (thank the US government for the dark web BTW).

For all you see in public display there is a lot worse you won't see unless you are invited to see it. The sad thing is with all their threats and words of hate - they will use the law against people and have in the past. So things like the joke above could very well backfire.

I find that part funny as hell as well. They will scream freedom of speech then try to take yours away with the law. Like ALL special interest groups, if you don't agree you are shouted down. Seems freedom of speech only applies to those who want to express bullshit and hate. When we use it, we get bitched out by them...

Anyways - I'm off I am to google "nazi drag queen"...


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