Thinking About Postage

This is how much it casts to send 1 lb of coffee from El Salvador to Canada. That would be LOTS. I'm guessing postage everywhere is kind of nuts for every day people. This is why some people I know take things to work to mail off - see they just read what the machine tells them and tells the boss then he takes it out of their pay as a charge. They save money this way as they get a "bulk rate".

What is also amazing to me that China can send me a $1.30 cable in the mail for $0.00 postage... I mean how does that even work. The bootleg Cookie Pusheen I can see as they charged me almost $18 for that thing, but DANG the cable was almost nothing.

Think next time you order something from an online marketer how little they get charged to mail something and how much you would pay for the same dang thing.

I mean you can go to the post office web page and find out by entering the dimentions and the weight of the box. It's always way more money.

So we can tell that in part we subsidize the post now don't we? Actually I have not one clue how this works that they get way less postage - maybe they make it up on the volume they send out.

If you actually know why they pay so much less, let me know - I'm interested.


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