Making It So I Can See The Volume Level

So I was bothered by the fact I needed an extra bit of light to actually see the bump on the dial on my speakers. So I got a paint marker and made a nice line that I can see with ease. I know these are low end discount speakers but you could have put a bit of white on there so people with old eye could see it. I was to the point I was using the light on my phone to see where it was to get the volume right. Sigh. Oh well. I paid $18 for these things and I expect they will last 3 or 4 months at that price but it's all good. If they end up lasting a year I'll be very impressed with them. Anyways just wanted to show how I fixed the situation. I think I paid $3 for the paint marker and will be using it for a few other things while I'm at it. Peace...


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