Can't Wait To Try This Coffee

Friend sent coffee from far away. This is literally from half a world away and it still got here faster than if it was from the USA. Got to laugh about that.

Only one problem, I don't have a grinder - I've never had hole beans at home before. So I had to order one. I posted how much that was in another blog (screen cap).

Coffee is life to me. I mean I enjoy coffee more than I enjoy anything else at all. Yes including sex. OK I'm about done with the entire sex idea in the first place so it don't count.

I've had many kinds of coffee even some from Alaska and before that I had not one clue it would grow there. The best I ever had so far is from Hawaii. OMG that was rich coffee. Most of us have had Kicking Horse - it was not bad as well, but too much for my price range now. Even tried Death Wish and was not really impressed with it.

So the chance to try something I have not tried before with the promise of lots of flavour is very alluring. I can't wait for my Amazon package to get here so I can grind up some fresh and have a go at it. I know first hand form visiting other people's places that fresh ground is the best way to go. The thing that stops me is price of course.

When I do get into this it's all going to be recorded on video so I can share the experience over on my vlogging channel and with Facebook. I have the feeling the person does not want me to name him so I won't. He shared the idea in private after all and said not a word about sending it. But he will be seeing it.

By the way this here is some of the best coffee I have had when I used a K-Cup system...


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