And Of Crust Dippers And Ranch On A Hot Dog

OK this stuff is cheese drip - spicy kind... See for people like me, a pizza crust is disposable unless you stuff it in this stuff.

There is this famous MEME of 2 fat women eating an extremely large pizza and chugging down on 2L bottles of Coke. Well in this photo one is opening a bottle of ranch dressing... She evidently put it on the pizza.

Now I've put that stuff on some strange things in my time and yes I tried a dab of it on a pizza and did not like it. What I did like ranch on was hot dogs...

Yup what makes fat people food worse? Putting processed sauces or dips on it. After all cips need dip in most fat peoples minds...

Yup it's all good though. There are 2 schools of thought here. One is that people like me will NEVER like the skinny life with all the things skinny people love to do. The thing we DO love to do is eat junk food and lots of it. This makes us happy to a point you really can't imagine.

So in the end it comes down to how much you want to extend your life by cutting out the tasty things and losing a tone of weight. To me I wanted the extra little bit of life and was willing to go threw hell to get it.

I also still once a week or so have something I enjoy the hell out of and it's very not good for me. But when kept in moderation is a great treat. The fact is, it's more of a treat than always eating like that. Still I miss the all day sitting there sipping coke and nibbling on chips while laying on the sofa and watching movies all day.

This is more than likely why I have not lost the weight faster and why I never lost it years ago when it would be a lot more easy to do so. BTW the craving to just sit there eating till I get sick will never go away. But it can be controlled and lived with.

Coffee on the other hand... If the doctor told me quit or die, I would start making plans for being dead soon. I'm not actually joking, I would rather DIE that give up coffee. But from what I have seen, that black stuff I enjoy so dang much is good for me - sooo...


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