Immortal Bugs

This is a Box Elder Bug. People all my life have mistaken them for Caragana Beetles. But oh well. All I know is they are immortal! LOL.

So this fellow (or lady) was on my entertainment center and I thwacked it with a fly swatter and it went flying and after landing on the carpet got up and flew over to my cabinet...

Well I think hit the fecking thing with my shoe (not even kidding)... THUMP and it flew under the heating radiator. It's happily sitting there right now munching on my carpet or whatever.

Yeah they get in all over the place. I've seen them in the millions on the side of the building in the past. Don't seem to be many this year BTW. But as soon as I'm done here it's going for a ride in the vacuum.

They explode in population several times a year then vanish from view for a while. Hell seen them in November once. As long as it's warm enough to hatch they come out. I got no idea how they live really as I never really looked it up, all I know is they WON'T DIE when I hit them.


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