Weirdos Unite

The rally cry of my people "Weirdos Unite". LOL. Actually it's Gobble Gobble One Of Us. But we won't go there...

It's actually a blessing worth more than money can buy to have so many twisted friends who have a strange and often dirty sense of humor.

This has lead to some people who are more holy than Jesus deleting me on Facebook though. After all, you have to be sexually repressed to be a true Christian these days now don't you?

Also the vast majority of us would love nothing more than owning 20 cats and a very large TV. But that is a different story... Anywho - it's like 2:48 am and I should actually attempt to go to bed. Got to put out my sign first so they don't think I'm dead... See we have to have it put out by 9am or they knock on the door. Being I don't sleep till 4 am most nights, this would be a bother - so out it goes NOW... Night all...


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