Created Gay

This hat was sent to me by a Pastor who is openly Gay and is a big supporter of LGBTQ+ people being in the Christian community.

The Fish is Jesus. The Triangle is the Trinity. The circle is the never ending love of God. The cross circling it all is the arms of the church welcoming all people. The word "Created" is to show that even the LGBTQ+ people where Created in Gods image and are his children.

I've explained this to several people who have seen me wearing it in the past. Three of them where a bit perplexed by it and one was outright offended by it. The last one took the time to tell me exactly why I was going to hell even though I had at that time not even had sex with anyone in the last 10 years LOL.

In any event, I don't actually have a hat on often, but I was playing with my hats today and decided to blog this one. I would also like to add that in Moose Jaw there is only one church who openly supports the LGBTQ+ community, that being St. Andrew's United. They are also the home of the Moose Jaw Pride organization. Not to mention The Multicultural Council. This in my mind makes it the best place to worship - that is if I was Christian :) They truly follow in Christs footsteps - no matter what the one bitter review states.


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