PaintShop Pro X9 Self Destructed On Me

 So before Corel started to crank out PaintShop Pro, Jasc made it. This program was produced in 1991 - that's 26 years ago. Guess what? It works perfect on Windows 10. Sure it does not have all the features, but you can still do a lot on it and it runs all the modern plugins that X9 does. The difference is, it's STABLE on Windows 10. X9 on the other hand has a bug for most people that if you try to make a new document it will crash and burn. As well for some if you use the "open" command it will also crash and burn. I find it interesting that 3 days after they start telling me that PSP 2018 is available for "advanced purchase" the bug showed up. Hmmm timing isn't it. X8 did the same thing - X9 came out and X8 became very unstable. Same thing with X7 and X5. I never had X6.
There is a work around though. You open PSP and then drag and drop a photo or saved PSP file onto the work aria and then just resize as needed and then everything is fine. Also there is a bad bug that I have never seen in any other program - if the TEMP folder is too full, PSP will crash and burn. Several versions did this. So why do I have 7.04 still installed 26 years later? Well Animation Shop is part of it and it works for me in Windows 10 (not for others) and I use it to make Gifs...

I've had about 90% of the version since 5. 7.04 is the most stable for what ever reason. As soon as Corel took over it was all down hill. Crashing became common and every time a new version of windows came out it blew up PSP. As I said, it worked very well until 3 days ago literally just after I got the popup that PSP 2018 was available to upgrade to. It really DOES make me wonder if there is a trigger to self destruct when the new version is out. After all all the way back to X5 this happened to me. But it could just be the biggest coincidence of my entire life.


  1. I have several other graphic editors, but I always like PSP best. I have version 8.01 and as you say it works quite well with windows 10. Once in a while it throws and error when i try to save a picture and it won't save. Then i get Digital Photo Professional which I don't like as well but which will do what is needed. I never had the money to buy their upgraded program and I have read that people who did disliked PSP when Corel got through with it because of its bugs.

    1. Yes the bugs are many. But I like the features. It's just a very bad time to even think of paying out $65 for an upgrade. I'll go threw the bother of using the work around instead.


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