Mommie Dearest A Review

Speaking of good movies. I watched Mommie Dearest (1981) the other day. It's the story of the relationship between Joan Crawford and her daughter Christina. The relationship is very turbulent and wrought with abuse both physical and emotional. This movie is a classic on many senses. The acting and the story line are more than a little good.

It's interesting to me how well it parallels the life of people I actually know who where in very abusive relationships with a parent. In the movie and in the cases of people I have known they both end up doing anything to try and win the love of the parent.

There are many famous lines in this movie that ended up being used in many other movies, TV shows and even comedy routines... "no wire hangers" is I think the most common.

At the end the daughter and son are in the office of a lawyer and the will is read. It only states "you both get nothing and you know full well why". To that the son states "no I don't know". You are left to assume why and there has been much speculation as to why among my friends and I. Also that line reminds me of a crazy person saying to a friend and I "get out, you are banned and you know why". Well as in the movie we really had no idea other than we knew for a fact this man was crazy. But in the end it all worked out with him being fired and us being able to shop there again...

Now I have to clean and remember "I'm not mad at you, I'm mad at the dirt".


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