Expenses And Shopping List For Sep 2017

SAID     $1083
Shaw:    -$156
Sasktel:  -$85
Food     -$200
Rent     -$418
Online    -$20
Left Over $204

Shaw – Cable and internet
Sasktel – Smart phone

This is for an entire month and most of the time the leftover is eaten up by other expenses and having a bit of fun a couple times a month. I get 7 packages with the cable TV and HBO and internet 150. The smart phone plan is good for my aria as there is little option and for 10GB of data and unlimited talk, text and so on you will pay more elsewhere – as well they have the best coverage. Will post a blog after I shop and link to this one to show how much the food actually came out to and what is left over. Next pay will be $1123 as I'm paying off an advance that I used for clothing. Also next pay will be sails tax rebate month of $198 - that will pay for my phone case I want, a new phone and my insurance for the apartment. I'm making chili once this next month as it's expensive to eat food that is not boring... Also might get some spice mix of some sort - will see how much it is.

Shopping list:
2 boxes chicken breasts.
3 2KG bags of mixed veggies.
54 cans of beans.
1 bottle BBQ sauce
1 bottle extra-hot sauce (co-op gold)
4 Jalapeños
1 bag chili powder
1 yellow onion
1 green pepper
1 lb ground beef
1 can tomato paste
Toilet Paper

4 bags chips (for movie night)


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