3 Years Ago Almost 500 lbs

This is me about 3 years ago at the weight of 498 lbs. I am now around 375. Last year was the best ever for weight loss for me - this year not so much as I kind of fell off the wagon for months on end. But with luck I'll be back on track now. I could barely walk at that weight. My fibromyalgia was also way worse at that weight. It's literally half the pain I used to be in now not to mention my knees don't actually hurt that often any more. I can also walk 3 blocks before I need to stop now. At this time I could not make it 1 block. Strange thing is I can also think more clearly now and my memory is better (although not great still). This is more than likely due to the reduced pain level. Anyway, upward on onward or is that downward on onward?


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