Trying To Go Vegan For 4 Weeks For Several Reasons

This is going to be the most boring month EVER for food. I am NOT allowing any more delivery or eating out. I am only eating VEGAN friendly foods.

I have a pile of beans (caned) and a pile of caned tomatoes and a lot of frozen veggies.

I have planed it out for just how much I need calorie wise and not much more. It will be a bother as it's a bit less volume than I normally eat so my tummy might not like it for a while until I get used to the portions, but it is enough food to keep my healthy.

Also there is a bit more than the amount of protein that I need each day in the mix. I did NOT get fancy stuff that is nice and tasty as I really can't afford that and if I do it will more than triple the cast of the food I am getting.

What I am doing is tossing 2 small cans of beans in the slow cooker (baked beans mostly) with a large can of tomatoes and a cup or two of mixed veggies. I am then cooking it on high for 3 hours. It goes in 3 equal portions in containers then in the fridge for the next day (always a day ahead this way). The next day I put it in a bowl and nuke it in the microwave.

Yes it's going to be exactly the same meal 3 times a day every single day for a month. Sigh... But I am committed to this.

I do actually have 12 chicken breasts in the freezer left over from last month if I need a slight boost here and there. But the goal is to NOT eat meat, dairy or other animal based food products the entire time. The beans I got are Vegan - only beans and tomato sauce - not cooked with pork in them.

As I said the only issue is not calories it's volume. I am used to eating more than I should be eating and by reducing it to a normal sized portion for the first time in 20 years it's going to feel for some time like I am not getting enough.

The other problem is now and then my body thinks I am hungry even when I have eaten myself full. I am told that feeling might be constant for up to 20 days before my brain gets that it's not starving.

This is the biggest diet plunge of my life and I hope to drop 5 lbs a week on this for the next 4 weeks. This is also a test to see if what I have read about animal protein and Fibromyalgia is true. If I cut the meat out and have less pain in general the entire time I am going to continue on this path.

The saving in price is great as I normally spend $200 a month on food. Will see what happens and next month I plan on getting more fancy things along with these things - I just want to maximize the weight loss if I can this month. Wish me luck.


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