Underestimated How Dull This 31 Day Diet Would Be

So day 7 and I'm getting slightly tired of this vegan thing. Man I should have thought this through. I mean 24 more days of exactly the same thing. LOL - but I have spent more of my money on new Shoes and pants that I needed - so... I'm kind of stuck with it. I should have planed for once a week getting fresh stuff in and doing something fun with it... Oh well.

I'm proud to say I've not broken out the emergency chicken supply yet though. Still got 12 servings of chicken boobs in the freezer. But I did underestimate how much veggies I needed. See I'm using about a cup and a half to 2 cups a day in the mess you see about - so 4 bags will not take me the entire time... Going to have to get 1 more at least by the end of the month.

Also next month it's back to normal - as in the Feck with this... BUT I'm sticking to this for the time I said I would. Might sneak some baked goods into the mix though that are NOT vegan. But no dead animals... Or and some cheese...


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