Pusheen Dreams

I've actually had several dreams of Pusheen frying. One I was sitting in my chair watching TV and she looks at me and says "you are out of coffee". She then spins her tail fast and flies into the kitchen gets the coffee pot and fills my cup.

There was one of her walking on the ceiling one time as well. She was just walking around as I stared at her.

Then enter Puddles Pity Party. So I dream that I came home and here is Puddles the clown dead on the floor and Pusheen is eating his face. I wag my finger and say "bad kitty, we don't eat the sad clown with the golden voice".

The most recent one is that she was a time lord and was going on adventures while I was out for coffee and I found out about it.

Yeah, I'm obsessed with this stuffed toy cat to this extent... Oh well...


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